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Industry Challenge

The mining and metals industry can be a vital cog for a thriving economy. In the US alone, the metals and mining sector was responsible for 1 million jobs and minerals worth $82.3 billion However, legacy operational practices in the mining sector have led to data losses, security breaches, and financial losses. There is a dearth of visibility into the supply chain and a lack of verifiable information about mining practices and performance standards.

From recording sourcing information to tracking the minerals across the value chain to market, present methods of data management have been woefully inadequate.

There is an inherent need to have a platform that can act as a single network between suppliers, freight companies, customers, and mining companies and would securely record all information from mine to market.

Blockchain-based platforms can bridge this gap in the mining industry by providing transparency, immutability, and high data security.



An enterprise-grade comprehensive blockchain-based platform that provides end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain. It leverages distributed ledger technology to obtain digital maturity by recording all transactions from the source of the metal to its journey across the value chain in real-time. It would also provide traceability to help mining companies adhere to compliance standards and certification of sustainable metals that would help increase its value in the supply chain.

MineTrace helps in capturing essential particulars like provenance data, specifics about compliance and sustainability standards, and supplier information. This allows mining companies to adhere to ESG norms, present the right data to their environmentally-conscious consumers, better manage their supply chain, and improve trust between all players.


Features & Capabilities


Smart contracts and business process automation allow streamlining of time-consuming workflows.

Mining Supply Chain Visibility

Real-time activity log updates allow all relevant stakeholders access to specific data like provenance information and compliance parameters.

Asset Management

Identify, create and merge and manage assets across the mining supply chain with great flexibility.

ESG Compliance Tracking

Provides accurate sustainability data like mine of origin, provenance and single source of truth that helps mining companies stay compliant with ESG.

Mass Balancing Data Reports

Can accurately calculate and report the mass balancing data to estimate the source of feed consumed during the production.


Obtain verifiable data regarding the origin or mine of origin for minerals can help customers and other stakeholders trace it accurately back to the source(s).


Can be seamlessly integrated with any third-party enterprise software solutions like SAP and mining asset management systems.


User-based permission and access control mechanism ensures that data is accessed only by permitted users.

Operational Planning

Receive early alerts on data duplication, missing information and potential disruptions for proactive, corrective action leading to greater automation, improved planning, and faster decision-making for improved efficiency and lower costs.

Real-time Reporting & Analytics

Decentralized, distributed ledgers provide a single point for document management, real-time reporting and data-driven insights, providing visibility for upstream and downstream players in the value chain.


MineTrace™ is being adopted by Teck in setting the standard for an innovative product passport. This product passport collects, stores, and provides reliable, tamper-proof, and real-time data at every stage in the resource supply chain from end-to-end, including comprehensive information about the provenance of the resources.


Hear from our Clients

The biggest improvement for us is the reduction of manual work in resolving disputes. The cost and the waste associated with chasing dispute resolution has come down dramatically – from 70% to now under 2%... helping to save millions of dollars in waste.

John Bayliss

SVP Logistics & Supply Chain
Teck is proud to be advancing the first use of blockchain technology to trace the critical mineral germanium from the mine all the way to the customer. Ensuring the environmental and social responsibility throughout the metals production chain provides our customers and downstream consumers with the confidence that their products are sourced responsibly.

Marcia Smith

Senior Vice President, Sustainability and External Affairs
The benefit that we are seeing with Freight that we would not see with other technologies is that the system is so automated that there is essentially one source of truth for rates that both Walmart and Bison can access. That results in a lot less disputes. It means that we get payment quicker. It means there is less manual time working with Bison and Walmart resolving those disputes. Generally, transactions and payments flow much quicker.

Rod Hendrickson

VP Finance and Administration
I would really love to see the industry and other companies adopt Freight as their standard and the reason is simple: It creates a lot of efficiencies and it simplifies billing and payment process.

Alex Fu


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