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Real-time, Accurate Invoice Reconciliation

Freight operates a world class reconciliation process. The system produces and organizes vendor invoices, inspects freight data collected into the system, matches each line item on vendor statements, and highlights inconsistencies, without any manual intervention. This results in is real-time, accurate invoice reconciliation.



$ 120
$ 120
2000 kg
2020 kg
4 stops
4 stops
Fuel rate

Dashboard : Analytics




Our enterprise grade analytics module equips you with the ability to make critical business decisions, quickly and with confidence. Highly configurable dashboards provide key metrics in near real-time helping to answer questions that drive data-backed decisions. Build and deploy your own reports via schedule (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly), or receive notifications for immediate required actions.


Improving Vendor relationships with no overhead

Our onboarding processes help to improve your vendor relationships with no overhead. The effective approach is made significantly easier through real-time decision-making features and smart validation algorithms, reducing repetitive along the way. Furthermore, Freight is SSO enabled which allows for ease of access without compromising security.


Scott Traversy

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Scott J
iconLoad IDF0314-203-421
iconOriginNY, USA
iconFleet MaintenanceDAT-4-203-34
iconDistance1140 miles
iconTemperature101 F
iconStops5 stops
iconTrailer typeXM-100WF
iconLocationFL, USA


Connectivity of IOT devices and sensors

Our Integration Hub allows for connectivity to IoT devices and sensors that collect and manage shipment data, such as vehicle tracking, temperature readings, driver behavior, and fleet optics. This data can be used to create visibility into cargo shipments, help to promote road safety and operational efficiency, and logistics management for remote repairs and updates.

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Freight has an in-built invoice and payment solution that provides unparalleled transparency in invoicing and logistics. The system automates the invoice generation process, providing an accessible, single source of truth for all transaction data, thereby automatically improving DSO and reducing the number of days to collect payment.

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Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)

Freight ensures that finances are kept under control with its analytics dashboard. Through the utilization of the platform’s smart logic, it pools every budgetary element together, allowing companies to see upcoming and outstanding invoices, current cashflow status, and how to maintain a good DPO without over or under paying.

Dispute Management

Dispute Management

Our sophisticated dispute management module, resolves disputes by defining acceptance and rejection cycles. Combined with system data, predictive modeling helps to reduce and resolve disputes. Each interaction is tracked and then stored immutably providing a transparent audit log. Logic is then refined further to ensure that similar disputes are not repeated.


Workflows: Shipments

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Features & Capabilities

Reconciliation free invoicing

Invoices are created during transportation. Upon completion, the invoice is populated with accurate information, automatically approved and payment ready.

Freight network visibility

Freight network visibility enables better route planning, live corrective actions and the optimization of LTL & FTL planning.

Immediate cost reduction

A reconciliation-free system doesn’t require 3rd party freight audit and reduces spending via our QuickPay integration to carrier payment.

Dispute reduction

A single source of verifiable truth is accessible to shippers and carriers.

Improved operational planning

Eliminate data duplication and receive early alerts to missing information.

Proof of Delivery

Upon shipment completion, a POD is automatically generated and sent to the shipper for validation.

Quick Deployment

Platform integration and deployment within 30 days, regardless of size.

Faster Decision Making

Instant alerts notify of any potential disruptions, allowing proactive, or in-situation corrective action.


Business logic and smart contracts enable the automation of previously manual processes and workflows.

Shared Ledger

Real-time data access and sharing between authorized parties allows full transparency into items such as transport and fuel rates.

Invoice Generation

Invoices are created and populated in real time, including any accessorial charges incurred during transportation.

IOT & Index Integration

Real-time IoT information and fuel & tax indices provides impartial shipment data, easily integrated with BI tools.


Introducing Freight 2.0

Freight 2.0 is the next iteration of the award-winning no-code/low code platform, Freight. The significant system upgrades cater to the seismic shifts in demand and resulting complexity of the supply chain and logistics industry, worldwide.


Watch Freight in action!

Narrated by Pete Govanlock, our VP Freight, this short video details how the Freight solution creates invoices in real-time.


Hear from our Clients

The biggest improvement for us is the reduction of manual work in resolving disputes. The cost and the waste associated with chasing dispute resolution has come down dramatically – from 70% to now under 2%... helping to save millions of dollars in waste.

John Bayliss

SVP Logistics & Supply Chain
Teck is proud to be advancing the first use of blockchain technology to trace the critical mineral germanium from the mine all the way to the customer. Ensuring the environmental and social responsibility throughout the metals production chain provides our customers and downstream consumers with the confidence that their products are sourced responsibly.

Marcia Smith

Senior Vice President, Sustainability and External Affairs
The benefit that we are seeing with Freight that we would not see with other technologies is that the system is so automated that there is essentially one source of truth for rates that both Walmart and Bison can access. That results in a lot less disputes. It means that we get payment quicker. It means there is less manual time working with Bison and Walmart resolving those disputes. Generally, transactions and payments flow much quicker.

Rod Hendrickson

VP Finance and Administration
I would really love to see the industry and other companies adopt Freight as their standard and the reason is simple: It creates a lot of efficiencies and it simplifies billing and payment process.

Alex Fu