Features : Asset Track

Everything you need in a Supply Chain management right out of the box

  • Self-serve profile & password management
  • Restful API’s for 3rd party integration
  • Ability to store data on-chain or off-chain
  • Help Operator to avoid Circular Dependency
  • Email & SMS notifications
  • Notify users of password expiry
  • The platform can integrate securely to Supply Chain gateway for all inward and outward traffic.
  • The platform can integrate to SAP and many more enterprise applications inherently
  • The platform can expose set of webhook API for retrieving Master Table data
  • Auto select latest value form the Master Table using Lookup expression
  • When set, platform will warn users of service interruption
  • Fully configurable Dashboard
  • The platform allows third party system like Data Lake to connect and retrieve data in bulk
  • The platform allows users to build a Dashboard for aggregated data pointers so users can see it without login into the system
  • The platform will restrict sending Callback notifications when a Group is configured for Auto Receive as well as Auto Send to avoid multiple notifications
  • Automatically colour code the Attributes for ease:
    • Text Box – Blue
    • Dropdown – Green
    • Date Picker – Red
    • Dynamic Attribute – Yellow
    • Set of Attribute – Grey
    • File Upload – Purple
    • Comment – Aqua
  • Send Callback notification on dispute resolution
  • Ability to store data on-chain or off-chain
  • Real time invoice status synchronization with SAP
  • OAuth Authentication for Callback notification

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