About Us

Technology & Business Leadership
with Engineering Excellence


KNNX is built by pioneers with experience across a wide variety of sectors of business, technology and distributed application architecture, development and integration. Our team has delivered many of the largest enterprise blockchain projects globally and has a successful track record with some of the world’s largest software product integrations. Our project with Walmart Canada is the world’s largest deployment of enterprise blockchain in an industrial application.



KNNX is a global leader in the development and deployment of innovative enterprise solutions using distributed ledger technology. We have built a unique SaaS platform that is highly configurable, allowing our partners and customers to move from complex customer Business Requirements to fully live Production in 60-90 days. The team understands legacy integration and on-boarding across multiple sectors.

Engineering Excellence

Our core technical team is at the forefront of moving the needle forward for the development and adoption of enterprise distributed ledger technology. We are subject matter experts and are founding members of several internationally recognized Blockchain Consortiums, Boards, and Infrastructures. We are constantly researching the latest trends and enhancing our platform with new developments in distributed ledger and other technologies. We are also leaders in deploying other technologies for user access and integration.

  • KNNX has deployed blockchain for enterprise using its unique and proprietary ‘parent and child’ architecture and DNC cluster infrastructure to solve problems like scalability, throughput, latency and tight coupling of data and logic.
  • Partner driven.
  • Technology agnostic with experience across multiple blockchain protocols, including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Holochain, and others.
  • Jurisdictionally agnostic with both business and technology experience across multiple geographies and business sectors / verticals.

Our Company

KNNX started 5 years ago, however, the company's character was formed six years before its inception with thorough experimentation, exhaustive research, and relentless innovation. We started enterprise blockchain solutions ahead of its time when blockchain technology was in its primitive stages. Today, we stand as pioneers in blockchain tech implementation that is transforming how organisations, information, and people operate and thrive.